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Criticisms of Kelley's 'Evidence of the senses'?

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I've just started reading David Kelley's 'Evidence of the Senses' (great so far!)

I realize there's already a thread on this, but I didn't find one (semi-recent) with criticisms of the work. From what I've read on various threads and other sites, most of the posters here and Oists in general agree with the work (I think Peikoff does too?), so I'm curious:

Are there any criticisms of the case he presents in this book which you agree with?

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A scholarly review of the book* can be read here. Another is here. It deserved more.

Years later there was another splendid book-length defense of direct realism in perception, which like Dr. Kelley's book, was philosophically sophisticated and scientifically informed. It has received wide acclaim among philosophers of perception. It is titled The Problem of Perception* and its author is A. D. Smith. I have a note on it here. Unlike Kelley's work, it does not rest ultimately and explicitly on Rand's metaphysics and conception of consciousness.

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