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Dániel Boros

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The Legend of Korra is a famous American animated series whit an interesting backstory.



In the World of Avatar some people have special magical powers (earth,water,fire,air). The people are called benders. Benders have had a privileged position in society due to their abilities, but their role has diminished over time due to technological advancements. A guy named Amon has the ability to take away any persons bending powers, and he wants to equalize everyone into non- benders. He is the leader of the equalizers and his goal is the great equalization (reminds me of socialsm). Kora is the avatar, a bender who can control all four elements, and who with her friends and some other people opposes Amon so that benders could keep their powers.

What I would like to emphasize from a objectivist standpoint is that the good guys are the ones who have been gifted unfairly with the talents the bad guys want to take away and not the other way around. So the good guys motivation is simply to keep their powers, which is a rather selfish motive.


The show takes place mainly in Republic City that was founded by the protagonist from the prequel. The city is a mix of Chinese architecture and the industrial revolution.


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