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A board game about holy war

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Pardon me if this could have been posted in a more suited sub forum.

A couple of norwegians have put together a board game that looks quite promising. One of the creators is Onar Åm, an Objectivist and blogger with a name in the norwegian intellectual blogosphere. I quote the project web site:

Yeehawd! is a hilarious boardgame about religion in which the players take on the role of prophets.

The game definitely seems to be based around the mocking of both the "mystics of muscle" and the "mystics of spirit" with prophets such as "Pharaoh Bama" and "Bean Laden".

One doesn't see board games with this humorous edge and Objectivist-friendliness being released too often, so I figured it deserved a posting in here. I'm backing this project on Kickstarter already, and some of you might be interested as well :)

Link: http://yeehawd.com

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Hi, I can confirm that the game is very Objectivist friendly. And no, it does not contain you-know-who. The seven prophets are:

Bean Laden, Pharaoh Bama, Ann Occulter, Lord Keynes, HAL Gore, Harry Krishna and Elrond Hubbard

You can check out the game here:


It's not every day that there is an Objectivist game out there. Hope you consider backing it.

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