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The Power of Professionalism

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(This is an article I wrote for my romantic advice blog — The Leading Man.)

The psychological essence of masculinity is firmness, definiteness, solidity, strength.

A romantic gentleman combines these character elements with two additional aspects: maturity and professionalism.

This last I call the "secret ingredient." While all of the traits I named are rare among men, particularly in today's world, professionalism truly sets the Leading Man apart. It's the source of his power; it's what places him in the lead.

Most people think of professionalism as pertaining to business or a career. Of course it does, but it also runs much deeper.

Professionalism is an attitude, a way of life. It begins with the acceptance of personal responsibility — "If it is to be, it is up to me."

Professionalism implies a commitment to oneself, and to others with whom one deals. The message exuded by a professional is: "You can count on me. I can be relied upon to complete a task, and to execute it competently."

A professional is a person who makes things happen.

Professionals get respect, because they have earned it. A professional is one who inspires confidence in others, and makes others glad that they're on the team.

The opposite of a professional is an amateur. Or worse: a slacker.

We've all encountered employees who don't seem to care much about the work they do. They show up at their jobs because they have to. They perform duties with minimal energy and enthusiasm. No one respects them, no one feels good about them, and no one particularly wants to deal with them.

A man with a professional attitude toward life regards himself as the CEO of his affairs. He is the architect of his existence; he is the one who bears ultimate responsibility for his well-being and happiness.

One of the major complaints of women today is that they desperately want to admire a man, but feel consistently disillusioned and disappointed by men. Weakness, aimlessness and lack of resolve characterize far too many men in the eyes of women.

When a woman is in the presence of a man who projects an aura of self-reliance and self-responsibility — a man for whom professionalism is a natural aspect of his personality — it can inspire confident feelings in her to an extraordinary degree.

This confidence stirs her femininity, which can in turn arouse in her the emotions of admiration and, eventually, passionate romantic love.

© 2012 Kevin Delaney

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