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I'm referring to the parents of these children, and to the adults who sent them:


Description of the video:

"A troubling video posted to YouTube this week showed a 10-year-old Palestinian Arab girl trying to provoke a violent response from an Israeli soldier, all while her own mother held the video camera.

The girl is seen verbally abusing the soldier, threatening to hit and spitting on him.

Aware that he is being set up, the soldier remains calm and does not provide the reaction hoped for by the girl, her mother or the press photographers who had somehow known just when and where to come for their next prize-winning shot.

Nor do the others soldiers present when the girl returns with several of her young friends.

The scene took place in the Palestinian Arab town of Nabi Saleh in the so-called "West Bank." Sadly, it is not an unheard of scenario. Such provocations take place on a regular basis, as local children are trained from the youngest ages to hate and seek violent confrontation with Israelis.

Israel's Ynet news portal cited intelligence sources who said many times the children involved in the provocations are paid to do so by Palestinian or foreign activists, or even by media figures hoping to create the next day's headlines.

Imagine the situation reversed - a Jewish kid taunting a Hamas fighter. Guess what the outcome would be? One dead Jewish kid amongst cries of Alah Akbar.


It is up to the mothers and fathers of these kids to teach tolerance, and not use them as puppets in in a volatile situation.

"Who do you want to be, little 4 year old Palestinian kid?" Answer: A shahid (martyr) like my older brother and father.

Until children are indoctrinated into the hate cult, they will never see Israelis as human beings but will internalize the "sons of pigs and apes" mantra, taught through out all of the occupied territories. Until the text books stop carrying blood libel, this will continue generation after generation.


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The outstanding presence of this conflict in the media is a testament to the power of sensationalism. The tally of civilian deaths in the entire history of the Isarel-Palestine conflict is less than ten thousand. And it is rarely ever mentioned that nearly a quarter of the Palestinian civilians who died in this conflict died at the hands of OTHER PALESTINIANS! (note: I am basing this on wikipedia).

Meanwhile, millions (yes, MILLIONS) of people have died as a result of the Congo wars over the last couple decades. I don't remember the last time I had even seen a news report about the Congo on CNN.

At least 40,000 have died in Syria over the past year and a half.

There is so much violence between muslims in the world today. I don't have the numbers of how many have died in Sunni-Shi'ite battles, but I'd bet my life that the casualty numbers eclipse those of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The fire that fuels the Israel-Palestine conflict is not the Palestinians' desire to have their own state. It's the Islamic worlds refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist, based on its religious and cultural values.

Egypt could easily take in all of those so-called "refugees" which could easily assimilate into their culture without anyone even noticing, as they would represent an insignificant fraction of Egypt's overall population.

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