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Audio: Lying to a Woman

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You're making a good point of what NOT to do. I'd like to add the obvious point of what you should do - tell the truth.

This is a obvious implication of what you're saying. However, I don't think most men understand what an afrodisiac truth is.

A lot of women fall for "bad guys". They're rude, abrasive and don't treat them well. However, they tell things like they see it. No matter if it's offensive, rude or hurtful. Most men are too nice to do that. They sugar coat everything they say and rather try to determine what she wants to hear, instead of what they really think.

I think the sollution is to not be the "bad guy" nor the "nice guy". Always tell the truth, but handle it well. The "brutal truth" tends to be more brutal than actually truthful. Be open, honest and transparent in your dealings with other people. If you are a good, honest, person, that's what others will respond to.

And when dealing with women, saying those things that are completely honest and take courage to admit, will have a surprusing effect.

I might add that with every single woman i've gotten, that has been the "key". I don't belieieve in tricks or techniques to get women, but honesty and transparency is darn close to that.

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