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The Fountainhead (help locating a passage)

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I'm sorry to bother you but it's been about four years since I read the Fountainhead and I'd like some help locating a passage. Wynand was defending Howard Roark in a vehement fashion which actually made Howard Roark look bad to the public, but when Howard Roark was advised to stop Wynand, he expressed that it wasn't about winning over the crowd; that Wynand's crusade was for Wynand and he should be allowed to proceed. Could someone please help me find this?

Thank you/Koszi!

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An unpopular cause is a dangerous business for anyone.

"Howard, the Banner is not helping you. It's ruining you."

It had taken him eight weeks to prepare himself to say that.

"Of course," said Roark. "What of it?"

... Wynand would not advance into the room.

"Gail, it doesn't matter, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not counting on public opinion, one way or the other."

"You want me to give in?"

"I want you to hold out if it takes everything you own."

[Ayn Rand, the Fountainhead]

Found it if anyone's interested. It's not on any quote sites that I know of:

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