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Arete and Western Civilization

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Hi, I have a free powerpoint slideshow on arete.

There is no explicit reference to arete in Objectivism; yet, I find it a very attractive concept that deserved exploration. Years ago, I met someone at a lecture, who said they liked the idea of arete, but we couldn't quiet define it. Hopefully, this fills that gap in. As you'll see, it is a larger concept than moral virtue. If it finds a wider use among young adults, it could do wonders and smother today's culture of crap.

Western Civilization is based on arete and arete-selection as the guiding principle of distinctly western institutions. That method is the strength of Western civilization. This view unites those "six apps" (Naill Ferguson), and things well beyond it, into one basic method.

The Western method is its strength.

Section 1.5 of my free e-book discusses that.

Uncorrupted arete-selection restores Western Civilization.

The other methods would be to carry the past along, just because it is the past, as in the Hebrew paradigm (one god, one book, one people, to the exclusion of any new ideas, books, etc.); or the corruption of modernism/Cultural Marxism, which says there is no arete, no best or worst, just an egalitarian pile of dung. For references, see Detroit.

I'd love to see any feedback from people with teenagers. Does it make sense to them? Do they reference it easily a few weeks or months later? Does it help them navigate the world? Does it widen their aspirations and ambitions?

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