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An awesome post in the comments:


"Again, inviting a "diversity" of opinions about the influence or importance of Atlas Shrugged is like inviting the Three Stooges to participate in a panel discussion of quantum mechanics. This idea has invited the usual suspects: trolls, cynics, the disappointed, the smear-masters, people who've not read the novel and just repeat what
their professors or favorite critics have said about it, people who attempted to read it but were too lazy or predisposed to abandon something that challenged their PC
premises, people who are simply mentally lazy, people whose reading tastes are too "sophisticated" to bother, the pseudo-intellectuals, the pseudo-literarti, and people who read the New York Times and Washington Post, and believe everything they read in those papers."

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That comment came from Ed Cline, author of the Sparrowhawk series and, as far as I can tell, the sole remaining active contributor to The Rule of Reason blog, which cross-posts to this forum. Sometimes I think Cline is a little too verbose, and sometimes his writing is the only thing that makes me smile before 7:00am.

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