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Hollande defeats Sarkozy in French presidency vote

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Ben Archer

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So the French Socialist Party is back in power.

Some few things the new President feels are fair.

Telling the EU that France is allowed to have a Higher deficit and debt then previously agreed to.

Throwing out most if not all of the previous Austerity measures.

Anyone who makes 1.3 million a year or more pays 75% tax.

Does anyone think any of the above things would actually be a good thing?

I do have to give the guy props tho, People think Obama is playing the class warfare card, he only says "fair" rate of taxes, won't put a figure on it.

Obama don't have shit on the French.. Take about class warfare, no no.. we don't have to cut back spending.. we will just tax the rich people to the point that they are poor.

I'd love to see someone in the US ask for a 75% tax rate on someone making 1.3 mill a year. Altho.. I bet what they want would effectively be that anyway.

P.S. Don't forget France also has a VAT tax on TOP of the proposed 75% tax.

Got to love Europe.

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