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What if you need help, but don't trust therapists?

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Hi, I'm not a psychologist, but I've attended a modern university and my major falls under the humanities category. I think the fact that I'm here speaks for itself as to if I believe all kinds of the wacky junk known to be taught in such schools. :P Having been given educational material that is flawed does not force one to swallow everything one is told without question. People can and do form their own thoughts still leading to a wide variety in the quality of therapists out there. They need to each be evaluated for merit individually. For one example of a very good therapist, just to demonstrate that such can exist, I suggest taking a look into http://www.drkenner.com/ .

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Why presume they are crackpots? I mean, it's not like they're taught only Freud and that's it, and on top of that, I think most people find Freud to be ridiculous. Furthermore, I doubt any half-decent therapist is only trained in the humanities. You can always check their credentials to see if they have certification from a clinical psychology end or anything important to you.

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Most counselors see a great many people with common problems. If they have had years of experience, then they have more than just book learning--they have objective experience. They have heard it all before. You may think your troubles are unusual, but they probably aren't. What is more, they probably have an explanation you haven't thought of. After all, you aren't trained or experienced in common human problems. I would not discount a counselor's help just because they are from the social sciences.

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