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These so-called crazy gold provide lots of business for Kitco. He said their influence is most obvious in the market for smaller units of physical gold between one and 32 ounces.


"These investors buy the metal and it just disappears. It goes under their mattress. They want to use it when the world ends," Hug told CNNMoney.



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Crow's making millions playing the other side of the market from all the idiots in the world. It's child's play compared to the currency trading he does all the time to keep on top of central-bank manipulations. 


The upside for the idiots is that when they're retired and broke, and social security is insolvent under current rules, Crow's millions will be taxed to pay for the idiots' retirement. So -- as he's assured us -- he'll be making the system solvent again.


And, it is all good and moral .... after all involuntary taxes are the way to go.


Got it!! 


And... thank you Crow.

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Yaron Brook offers two interesting assessments in his presentations Investing: An Objective Approach and Money-Lending: Its History and Philosophy.


In the Investing lecture, he clearly puts forth his take on gold. He does not consider it a good investment. I agree: in the context he presents it. In his money-lending lecture discusses currency trading much as sNerd described  it in the previous post. When you consider all the different currencies as commodities, you broaden the category to where it could include the commodities market.


In this sense, gold is clearly not the vehicle for the passive investor.

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