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R-E-S-P-E-C-T — Find Out What it Means to HER

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(This is an article I wrote for my romantic advice blog for men — The Leading Man.)


If a woman doesn't respect you, it's impossible for her to feel eros toward you.


A woman's feelings of attraction for a man are predicated on her ability to experience admiration when she's in his presence, or when she thinks about him.


How many people do you admire whom you don't respect?


Men manage to destroy romance all the time, by acting in ways that make it impossible for women to respect them.


They come across as needy, clingy, immature and insecure.


They tend to overdo things — calling/texting too often, spending inordinate amounts of time with her, deluging her with presents and complements.


Want to give a woman a gift? Be different from the hordes of guys who annoy her with their loneliness and desperation.


A woman wants to feel that you live a life; that you have an interesting, full existence apart from her.


When she is with you, she wants to feel that she is stepping into an exciting world. She wants to feel that being with you is an honor and a privilege.


She does not want to feel that you have unlimited time for her, or that she is your only romantic option.


By limiting the amount of contact you have with a woman, you make the time you do spend together that much more special.


You give her the opportunity to long for you, and to look forward to your next encounter.


You also instill in her that special, rare, delicious emotion: the feeling that you are able to get along quite OK without her!


© 2013 Kevin Delaney

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