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Greetings - Again!

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And we are back.


I’ve been gone for a number of months now.  Basically, I got that Flue that was going around at the beginning of the year HARD.  It took me off the grid for a couple of weeks.  After that I started an exercise regiment (actually trying a New Years resolution to loose weight before age really catches up with me) and have been training/moving into a promotion at work. 


So I guess the year started for crap but it is smooth sailing now.


Anyway, life has returned to a semblance for normal and as I promised myself several months ago I’m back for in-depth discussions. 


In the interim I’ve managed to devour some free lectures from the CATO institute and some of the discounted goodies from ARI.  Books have been Peikoff’s DIM (‘ll save the commentary for elsewhere), some fun from Edgar Rice Burroughs, to a wonderful review of Churchill from a leadership perspective. 


Otherwise I’m still the same guy who loves the Spiral theory of knowledge, long walks on the beach, Grey Goose on the rocks, and very loud music. 


Good to be back! 

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Reboot version 2.0.  Been, years...  Wow. Real life been a thing with family and work.   In a much better place today  and back to discuss ideas in a venue that actually appreciates discussing ideas.  

I like the changes.  Nice clean look to things.  Also good to see many familiar faces.  

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3 hours ago, Spiral Architect said:

I like the changes.  Nice clean look to things.

I'm glad to hear that, because this is the low-maintanence version! :D

Glad to have you back - now when reading I need to remember again to do my double-takes between you and Strictly Logical. :)

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