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How do you know what your sense of life is?

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"A given person’s sense of life is hard to identify conceptually, because it is hard to isolate: it is involved in everything about that person, in his every thought, emotion, action, in his every response, in his every choice and value, in his every spontaneous gesture, in his manner of moving, talking, smiling, in the total of his personality. It is that which makes him a 'personality.'

Introspectively, one’s own sense of life is experienced as an absolute and an irreducible primary—as that which one never questions, because the thought of questioning it never arises."


You may not be able to fully identify your sense of life; that would require knowing about every process happening anywhere in your brain, at any time, which I suspect is physically impossible.  (If you knew them all then there would be more to know; namely your added knowledge; which is itself a process to understand)


But you can sure as Hell come close- by ruthless introspection and analysis of everything that goes on inside your own mind.  You may not be able to figure the whole thing out, down to the last detail, but you can absolutely get a very good idea of the big picture.

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