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I routinely look through Iraqi blogs to get a better understanding f what is going on there. The regular news organizations are still my primary source, but the blogs provide another set of viewpoints.

Thought I would share some links, because I wish I had discovered these earlier.

There is a site that I use as a directory to Iraqi blogs (and also to some blogs by US soldiers). iraqblogcount.blogspot.com

Ofcourse there are some horrible Iraqi blogs that simply spew venom at anything American. There are some that are mundane. And then, there are some that are from folk who really want to see their country become a better place.

This Iraqi blogger wrote today

What I'm trying to say is that no religion in its present form is compatible with democracy and both democracy and religion can only co-exist if that religion is marginalized.

Then there are these brothers who have decided to form a politcal party and take part in the elections.

If anyone has any particular Iraqi or Soldier blogs that they find particular useful (either for news or for inspiration), I'd be interested in the links.

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If anyone has any particular Iraqi or Soldier blogs that they find particular useful (either for news or for inspiration), I'd be interested in the links.

Objectivist Joseph Kane was blogging straight from Saddam Hussein's former palace in the Green Zone in Baghdad.

From my CyberNet:

Forget about the newspaper or cable news.  If you want to have an up

close and personal view of what is really going on in Iraq, read what

CyberNetter JOE KANE is posting to his blog.

Joe is on assignment in Baghdad -- inside Saddam's (former) main

palace -- as a Navy Journalist training the transitional forces and

the new Iraqi military and police on how to conduct media operations

and create a public affairs program.

Joe originally sent out e-mail updates to anyone who signed up for

them (mailto:[email protected]), but due to a very unreliable

connection in Baghdad, he began posting to a weblog at

http://www.AbleKaneAdventures.blogspot.com.  (He still tries to send

out an update reminder to the list when there has been a post).


http://www.nyheroes.org sent Joe several Ayn Rand books, _Heart of a

Pagan_ by ANDREW BERNSTEIN, _Black and White World_ by COX and FORKUM,

a DVD of Dr. Bernstein's lecture on the Philosophical Foundations of

Heroism delivered for the NY Heroes Society, as well as some

interviews Robert conducted on his own cable TV program, The Voice of


Ayn Rand's books were installed on a bookshelf in Saddam's Palace


the Arabic translation of the U.S. Constitution sent to Joe by STEVE

SAAF.  The event was duly recorded, along with Joe's thanks, in his

blog on September 30, 2004. http://tinyurl.com/473b3

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