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A Typical Democrat President Lyndon Johnson – A Study

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The attached file is a brief study (my original writing) of a typical Dem-President after the New Deal. See Link -- http://share.cx.com/fkGKJ (you do not require CX account, password etc, just click the link and click Download). It describes the politicians promoted by democracy who have displaced the Founding Fathers (FFs) – FFs have no chance against them because of the doles dependent vote block of parasites and the divisions amongst individualists. The description / derivation leads to what I have called as “the ultimate compelling argument” against the welfare state, which I claim will even prohibit preaching charity via government despite freedom of thought and expression! After full derivation a sentence at the end says that the Dems want to be Brahmin Bhudevs (gods on earth), but for which they have to destroy all capability in America first.

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Johnson was bad news. While FDR was a disaster, Truman and Eisenhower were middle-of-road sensible, and Kennedy -- in actual achievement -- mostly so. Johnson changed that significantly and Nixon compounded it. So, Johnson was a modern-day (post FDR) turning point of sorts. Though you mention that both parties are bad, you seem to focus on the Dems. Also, in the final analysis it is the American voter that gets the government he deserves. 

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S/WNerd, thanks to you and several others for taking time to read the file, though yours was the only reply.

This post / file was a follow-up to a previous post I made on other boards. You can see it and the replies to it      






Another reason why I referred to it is because my next post will be built on several replies to my statement in the discussion that modifying Christianity should save America beyond this point. My next post will be explaining that statement. Please read.

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