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Art Renderings of Ayn Rand's Novels

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Ayn Rand's novels as they might be and ought to be presented, (at least in my opinion):





These original renderings of Ayn Rand's novels in rich, elegant binding. The exteriors of Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Anthem and We The Living are shown in formal black and embellished with thematic, metallic details. 


To download high resolution sets of these images, click here: Ayn Rand Novels -- Art Renderings

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When I conceived these, I did take some inspiration from the treatment that the Bible gets. But the Bible doesn't deserve the lavish treatments its editions get. I wanted to see the justice of the books that deserve that treatment far more, getting it. But I also purposely avoided making the covers overly ornate. I wanted the editions to be rich and beautiful, but also elegant.


But I no longer think of the Bible when I look at these renderings. The Bible doesn't belong in the world where these books can look like this.


So please leave behind the baggage of our current culture, and its dogma-skepticism dichotomy. Lavishing attention on the appearance of a book does not imply dogmatic adherence to the content.

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I'm just far more interested in the content of the message than the decoration of the book that the message is contained in. And if you use ornate designs and materials on the physical book and make it look like a bible, then I think the focus is off and veers (in maybe a slight way) toward a sort of mystical reverence of the medium rather than a rational appreciation of the message. Also, not that I really care that much, but it will give the Ayn Rand haters ammo for their personal attack about objectivism being a "secular religious" cult.

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Various limited / boxed / commemorative editions, looking like these, have come along over the years.  Their target audience has always been the already-converted.  For the mass market, though, I think something more eye-catching is in order.  Their current designs are examples of what I mean.  They may not be the best, but I suspect that they bring in more customers than these would.

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