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Is Miley Cyrus "slutty"?

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@Jaskn: Sorry if my tone was affrontive. I was challenging the implication that those who believe Cyrus' recent behavior is negative blame sex for corrupting an otherwise innocent little girl. That's what I meant when I said "Blaming sex for the way Miley treats it is like blaming vodka for the way an alcoholic abuses it" - that point of view, which you call "the modern view of sex," just doesn't make sense. In my mind, sex is not the problem, but Cyrus' and others use of it is. I think it's perfectly rational to find many overly-sexual things negative, while not accepting the common view that sex is some sort of evil, corruptive force.

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I had a completely different interpretation than you. First, I didn't she her humping a wrecking ball. Second, I don't think the nudity and licking the hammer were cheap and meaningless. They were supposed to represent her vulnerability and show the sexual passion she had for him. At the same time, what she is licking is the weapon she is going to use against him. Interesting. I liked the video.  


This is completely off-topic, but how did you get vulnerability out of the act of licking a hammer? Ever hear the phase, "how's the hammer hanging"? Most people who get asked this question are not carpenters and do not own a hammer, if you get my drift.


I would read something different into it. I think the initial script for the video was for her to deep throat the hammer after vigorously sucking on it for a while, but the TV people told her that wouldn't fall within the TV-14 threshold. So what you saw was a compromised script which didn't make sense.


Just speculating here...

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