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Is it moral to kill leaders of the environmentalist movement?

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For example, Josh Fox, the creator of the film "Gasland." By propogating lies about fracking in his films, he is building up social pressure to pass legislation that poses a threat to our lives. Isn't it moral to kill him?

Are you asking if it would be moral for you to kill him? Or for me?


For me, it wouldn't be moral to kill him, or anyone who is a threat to my life on a societal level. If a country's politics poses a sufficient threat to my life to warrant drastic action, that action for me would be to move to another country. I don't need to go on a killing spree in the foolish hope that it would make my life better. 


In general, fighting (in the literal sense) at great personal expense and with little or no hope of success, for some remote goal or against some remote threat, is not a moral choice. 

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