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Truth about the Atlas Shrugged Part 3 Kickstarter

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If you enter "Atlas Shrugged Part 3 kickstarter" in your search engine, you will find that the mass media bloggers from Time to Salon and beyond are having a great time not stating the facts.  


The goal of the kickstarter was to put $250,000 into the advertising budget of the movie.  The purpose of the campaign was to let people get involved. 


The producers did not need the quarter million dollars -- but money is always nice to have.  What they offered was a hierarchy of values based on your willingness and ability to buy into the process.  For $35 you get a special T-shirt.  For $1000 you get your name listed in the roll-up of the credits at the end of the movie. You can buy a signed film cell, or a specially endorsed DVD, and several other mementos.  These are vanity gifts, indeed, and if you want one, you can still buy one.  The deadline is October 23.




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For the third installment to work, it would have to be completely divorced from the first, which messed up so badly I honestly can imagine no recovery. Among so many other things, how are you going to give away one of the most clever devices of the novel, the mystery of "John Galt"? These movies should have never been made.

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Atlas Shrugged - the movies is a thread at JREF and a discussion of the Kickstarter program, beginning here on page 6 with post #213 turns into a debate on the meaning of altruism.  Akri and Dinwar seem to understand Objectivism well enough to mount a good defense. 


I read through, and (as I expected) it didn't take long for someone to evade Objectivist ideas and turn to the assertion that she is a hypocrite for accepting S.S.



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Over 3500 people contributed $446,907 toward a $250,000 goal to fund the advertising budget for Atlas Shrugged, Part III: "Who is John Galt?" If you go to the site and make the effort to load the full list, you can see all the names.


I found no easy way to read the full roll of contributors until I loaded it with repetitive keystrokes. The list is in chronological order. Consequently, at at the top is the roster of early supporters who themselves have kickstarted tens, even hundreds, of other projects, including this one though they may not be Objectivist or even "objectivish" at all.  I am there near the bottom.  I took it to the last minute while I worked to bring home a contract that would let me sign up for the $1000 commitment. As it was, I bought the t-shirt. You may recognize people you know from this board or others.  


The link to the Atlas Shrugged pages of Kickstarter is:


Or go to www.Kickstarter.com and look for Atlas Shrugged. You can also go to the Galts Gulch discussion board (http://www.galtsgulchonline.com/) and find the Movie site via the top menu bar. And the movie has a separate URL - http://www.atlasshruggedmovie.com/ They will put you on their weekly email list, if you want.


If you sign on the Galt's Gulch site as a Producer for $3.95 per month billed to your card, you will have access to the "Producers Lounge" where you can find special features, such as Frank Lloyd Wright's design for Ayn Rand's home. The most recent is a video made in 1993 to promote investment in the movie. That film includes encouragement and support from Leonard Peikoff. 

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