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A question about the branches of O'ism.

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I was arguing based on this map I found:


That's what I call a model of dis-integration. That “map” is more of a list of trendy dissertation topics than any kind of systematic and hierarchical approach to philosophy. It makes a false distinction between “abstract” and “applied” knowledge but does not recognize that logic and ethics cannot be studied without a basis in metaphysics and epistemology.

There is a "concept chart" of all the major areas of philosophy at http://www.importanceofphilosophy.com/Chart.html -- however I'd be wary of any such map becuase it borders on playing an alphabet soup of floating abstractions. To understand each branch, you have to undertake a systematic and in-depth study.

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Actually, that map is quite nice. I mean, it's much more detailed than Ayn Rand's 5-node-web, albeit not as elegant. Certainly, "Philosophy of Science" is a very specialized discipline, and makes an intense study of many things that are only touched upon in epistemology or metaphysics. It's pretty rough to follow tho. Someone needs to make those arrows more organized.

I do like the way that "Philosophy of Religion" just goes nowhere. That's funny.

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