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Free Webinar Sun. 10/20: The 7 Habits of Highly Seductive Men

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Join me on Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific / 8 p.m. Central / 9 p.m. Eastern for a free, live & interactive Webinar, held in conjunction with my blog The Leading Man.
I'll discuss seven key principles of romantic/sexual seduction for men!
RSVP now, and get instant access to a 3-page PDF of notes for the Webinar.
Some of what we'll cover:

The importance of a guiltless attitude toward sex. Why doubts, insecurities & hang-ups can be a man's worst enemies in seduction.


▪ Being a "sexual giver" — why you must focus on creating an outstanding feeling experience for a woman, not your own immediate gratification.


▪ The role of time in seduction. Seduction as a process which cannot be rushed.


▪ A quotation from a famous female author which reveals a profound longing shared by many women.


The "abundance mindset" — and how to handle rejection with aplomb!

This program is free to attend, however you must RSVP. As soon as you do, you'll be able to download the PDF.
Go here to RSVP: http://www.LeadingManBlog.com/Webinar
I look forward to talking with you on Sunday!
Please note: Although this program is directed primarily toward men, women are highly encouraged to attend & participate.

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Like a lot of guys, at one time I had a fairly negative view of the idea of seduction.
As a kid, I remembered hearing about Darth Vader being "seduced" by the Dark Side.
There was a book called Subliminal Seduction — about the ways that the media (purportedly) programs people's minds to make them behave in ways they ordinarily wouldn't.
Another book, published in the 1950's, got a lot of attention: Seduction of the Innocent, which alleged that comic books were contributing to the moral decay of youth.
Go to Google and type the word "seduce." You'll get the following definition:
attract (someone) to a belief or into a course of action that is inadvisable or foolhardy.
Good grief! TheFreeDictionary.com offers several definitions, some of which are a bit better:
1. To lead away from duty, accepted principles, or proper conduct. See Synonyms at lure.
2. To induce to engage in sex.
3a. To entice or beguile into a desired state or position.
3b. To win over; attract.
So "seduce" can mean simply "to induce to engage in sex." It can also mean "to win over; attract."
At Sunday's Webinar, I'll talk about the issue of seduction — romantic/sexual seduction — from a totally positive point of view.
I'll share seven principles of a Master Seducer. One of these is "Sexual Benevolence" — the view of sex (and therefore seduction) as an entirely good thing for everyone involved.
A seductive man is focused on creating positive feelings and exciting experiences, for himself and the woman he cares about. What could ever be wrong with that?
Go here to RSVP, and download your 3-page PDF of notes for the program: http://www.LeadingManBlog.com/FreeWebinar
Edited by Kevin Delaney
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The PDF I wrote to accompany this Sunday's Webinar on seduction contains a number of ideas which some people might find somewhat provocative . . .


Here's an example:


"A seductive gentleman seeks nothing less than to rock a woman's universe, and turn her world upside down. It's not enough for women merely to like us or be attracted to us; we have to reach & stimulate a woman on a deep psychological level."


Statements like this are bound to make certain men uneasy. "Rock a woman's universe"? "Turn her world upside down"?


Of course we want to make a big impression on a woman. But isn't this kind of language a bit extreme?


As I use the term, seduction is an entirely benevolent and good process. But one thing it isn't always is nice.


We're not here to be "nice guys" with women. We're here to be solid, seductive, romantic gentlemen. Our mission is to create a powerful, even possibly overwhelming feeling experience within a woman.


For us, and for her, nothing less will suffice.


Have you heard the song "I Feel the Earth Move," written & performed by Carole King?


I feel the earth move under my feet

I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down

I just lose control

Down to my very soul


"Losing control down to your very soul" would likely be terrifying for a man — but King's lines, taken as a sexual metaphor, describe an emotion which is entirely positive, eminently desirable, and utterly, thoroughly feminine.

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Here are the seven principles I'll be discussing at today's free Webinar:

1. A Master Seducer moves guiltlessly in the area of sex; he has no qualms whatsoever about seduction.

2. A Master Seducer is confident in his own sexual value.

3. A Master Seducer understands the role that fantasy plays in a woman's life — particularly her sexual life.

4. A Master Seducer is a sexual giver.

5. A Master Seducer sees seduction as a process. A Master Seducer takes his time.

6. A Master Seducer educates himself about a woman's nature, and her uniquely feminine needs.

7. A Master Seducer recognizes that Earth overflows with highly seducible women.

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