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"Remember Me" and it's unbelievable ending (** SPOILERS**)

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Ben Archer

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I googled to see if this was discussed but I didn't find anything. 


Has anyone seen this movie? I'm finding that 3+ years later, there's still debate going on about its ending. I saw it in theaters so I got to see this trash on big screen. The ending completely blindsided me though. 


It's a very underwhelming "emo" melodrama that, out of nowhere, decides to end the life of its main character, like this:




I think the worst part in the theater was the sound of the oncoming plane. You cant hear it as well in that clip. As soon as that date showed on the chalkboard I was confused. Then when I started to see WTC I was just in disbelief. 


There's a bit more after this, but that's how they ended it. 


Nothing about the previews or the movie itself suggested it had any ties to 9/11. I recalled afterwards that it started in 1991 (at the very start of the movie, when Tyler was a kid, they showed the date), then jumped ahead 10 years. And I knew it was in new york. But that's it. You don't see the date again till it's written on the chalkboard. WTC is never in view. They carefully hide that it's where his dad works. 


The plot is basically this loner kid who falls for this girl. tries getting his life together, mending ties with his big-executive dad. That's where he heads up to in the scene above. Nothing about it had any ties to current events, or specific locations. 


Curious if anyone else saw this? I was personally outraged in the theater. My (ex) girlfriend couldn't understand why. (being a Pattison fan, she thought it was wonderful). 


What boggles my mind is when I was looking at this video, and its comments and those of blogs on the subject, there's a large majority of fans who loved the ending, and support its message...saying things like it gives them "greater understanding into the suffering of that day" ; and how it taught the lesson that anything could happen, even 9/11, so you should live life to the fullest. That was the most popular sentiment. Sometimes I feel like the world's going to hell in a handbag. 



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Ok, so you went to see a movie starring the guy from Twilight, and it turned out to be bad. I still don't understand why you're outraged. Or surprised.

there's a large majority of fans who loved the ending, and support its message.


What's the message? 

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Well I should say, they believe it sends a powerful message. The most common ones were "Live life to the fullest because you never know when something could happen". And that the surprise ending was just like the surprise and shock that the actual event gave them. I think my least favorite was that it gave them a deeper understanding into the suffering of that day. 


And regarding Pattison...I know...I expected it to be bad, I just was not prepared for that ending.

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I saw this movie when it first came out, but had to look up the plot to remember what it was even about. All I really remember is the ending, which was the only memorable part. Imo the ending is meant to show us that there was a wide range of people who died on 9/11- lovers, friends, sons, brothers.. which were all encapsulated into one character, Pattinson. Instead of showing us just a small glimpse of each individual person who died on 9/11 (books on the Titanic often do this), the movie tried to dig deeper into the life of a single person. So for me, the intent was there, and writers did have the shock and awe thing going for them regarding the suprise ending. Still, I tend to agree with reviews that say it was an overall forgettable movie that didn't do justice to those who were lost on 9/11.

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The example of the titanic is a good one...but there we know what's going to happen. That (very well done) story really did  get us more intimately involved and invested with the characters. 


I think I was simply surprised at my own outrage, and wondered if anyone else had experienced this, because I couldn't quite put to words why it offended me so much. Maybe because of my proximity to event that day...it cheapened it and distorted its importance in a self-serving way. I  suppose there's no value in letting in bother me further though. 

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