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Sienkiewicz's "Quo Vadas?"

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Ayn Rand mentioned the book "Quo Vadas? written by Henryk Sienkiewicz in the essay What Is Romanticism?. It was a brief mention, so I didn't get much info on it. A guy I work with who was a philosophy major said I'd enjoy it if I read Rand and called it one of the least known classics.

Has anyone read it? Before I buy it I wanted to get opinions from the board.


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I read it. Although it was 12 years ago or so. Even though the theme is entirely pro-Christian, it is irrelevant to how good the book is. It excels in all the main parts that a work of fiction can: theme, plot, characterization, style.

My favorite three are AR, VH, and Dostoyevsky, and this book is in my top 10 of all time best books. Loved it.

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Be sure to get the old Jeremiah Curtin translation (highly approved of by Sienkiewicz himself), not a modern "adaptation."

Besides the ingenuity of the plot, a major attraction of the book is its portrayal of the decadent esthete Petronius, one of the most colorful figures in all of literature. He really steals the show!

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