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Color/Consistency of Rearden Metal SLAG

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I’m currently building an ‘S’ scale (1:64th scale) 3-D printed model* of a slag car which I intend to letter for Rearden Metal.


Do to the inherent lightness of the material, and therefore the lightness of the car itself, I’m going to have to fill the crucible with lead weight and conceal that weight under a layer of simulated slag in order to keep this model on the track.


Since I intend to make this a Rearden Metal slag car, I was wondering if any of you had any theories regarding the appearance and color of Rearden Metal slag???


Steal slag is orange when hot and black when cool.  Since the slag begins cooling the moment it’s scraped out of the pot, and into the slag cars crucible, the slag in the car is usually black around the edges of the top of the crucible and orange at the center of the pot and under the surface.


Videos of these cars in operation, and of the slag itself, can be seen here;






*The model was actually designed on a computer by a third party named ‘tschwartz1274’, from whom I purchased the right to print the design, which was then sent to ‘Shapeways’ where I can then have as many copies as I want printed for a second fee paid to Shapeways…




I found this to be a very neat way to do business.

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My speculation on Rearden Metal is that it's not so much a newly discover metal (in the sense of a chemical element) but rather a new alloying of some already discover elements into a newly discovered high strength "super alloy" that's achieved not only by combining certain elements is specific quantities but by new "rolling" and "heat treating" techniques that Hank figured out.    With this in mind I'd tend to think that his primary smelting operation would produce slag very similar in appearance with what's shown in those videos.

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