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Favorite Atlas Shrugged Couple

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Who is your favorite couple?  

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  1. 1. Who is your favorite couple?

    • Dagny & Francisco
    • Dagny & Hank Rearden
    • Dagny & John Galt
    • Ragnar & Kay Ludlow
    • Cherryl & Jim Taggart
    • Lilian & Hank Rearden
    • Lilian & Jim Taggart

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Who is your favorite Atlas Shrugged couple? I know John Galt is the ideal man and everything but at the end I wanted Dagny to stay with Francisco because he'd waited so long for her. :D I included evil couples as well just to be democratic.

I would have said: I included evil couples as well, just to be multicultural.

A couple I would have liked to see was Cheryl and Eddie Willers. Two casualties of a war beyond their understanding, they were nevertheless good and decent people.

Agreed as well. Their respective demise in the story were both disturbing sad.

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I always thought Hank and Dagny's most reflected a "real" relationship; they sincerely enjoyed each other's company and shared lots of concrete values. Dagny's and Galt's was too fantasy-like, and I never believed that a man, even Francisco, could be alright around a woman he loved while she was with another man (Hank, too).

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I'd say- definitely Dagny and Hank. It's really amazing how they change each other's lives and ways of thinking and they learn from each other- as opposed to Galt who doesn't need life lessons from anyone. I also have a huge, huge deal of admiration for the way Hank took Dagny falling in love with Galt. (So I guess I'm biased on this one because my ex-boyfriend is now my best friend... I guess I learned a lot about how to deal with it from Rearden's character.)

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