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The "art" of non-contradictory identification

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Hmm okay. I guess as you get to higher level of abstractions it can become a skill. Since you need to know how concepts are form and how to reduce them back to the perceptual level (in order to check for contradictions). And this is the process of non-contradictory identification. But on some basic level it isn't a skill. I can't deny that right now I'm sitting on a chair. That non-contradictory identification isn't a skill.It ties into a more complicated issue of mine, when am I morally responsible for something and when is it a mistake. If I don't have the skills then I can't take the blame for my immoral acts

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In response to a question during his Advanced Seminars On OPAR (see the ARI estore), Dr. Peikoff said that you can look at logic as an art, a method, or a science.  He said that AR used 'art' in AS because she was thinking of it as a practice or skill you have to learn, although what you're learning is a method, a set of rules.  The study of those rules is a science.


Accepting the fact that right now you sit in a chair is not an act of logic.  You go through no process of inferring the conclusion--the information is a given, you simply accept and assert it.  It's "a non-contradictory identification", but logic is not "all instances of non-contradictory identification" including the self-evident.  Logic is rather a method for inferring further true identifications from the given.

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