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53 minutes ago, dream_weaver said:

What an informative article! 

I wonder how one can validate the idea that technological and health progress was proceeding faster in the period before 1940 talked about and the period since then. I'm not a reactionary like the guy who pointed out the subjectivity in the concept of progress. But there is background valuation and value aspiration in what one counts as progress. That is a subject-relativity which can be teased out into awareness.


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The low-lying fruit comes across as there are only so many innovations to discover. In a wider sense, that is true, any number you stop along the way toward infinity is finite.

Is it the pace of innovation that matters? Where does the expectation that it should be at an ever constant, or ever increasing pace (despite what goes on in the political realm).

The periodic table of the elements paved the way for a set of discoveries based on the understanding of chemistry.

As new discoveries in the many technologies are brought to light, they provide opportunities for applying in conjunction with one another, and in other fields or disciplines. 


Individuals like Jason Crawford have found a way to cast the application of reason to the problem of survival that highlight the fact that reason is the root of progress. Kudos, Jason Crawford!


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