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:o  That's really quite sad.

:(  I hope you mean met as in physically, because Tommy Edison, non-contradictor, and I are purpose driven and at least attempt to be rational. Please do not make such sweeping generizations.  :P


I should say: What Bryan said. :P Seriously, though I did briefly think about non-contradictor as I wrote that, but teenagers like you guys and girls are very rare. Most would be more worried about where they could go to smoke weed then being worried about purpose in their life.

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You guys are exceptions  :)  How many people do you go to school with share your values, or could even honestly tell you what their values are?  I know I didn't have a purpose when I was a teenager. 

First off, thank you for the compliment. :P

Well, I see your point. I know no one right now who shares all of my values, although most of my friends value things such as honesty, hard work, integrity, pride, logic, etc. Even before I discovered Objectivism I knew what my values were (didn't quite know why they were my values but...) and I was friends with those who shared similar ones. I still hold the same people as my friends today. I think most of my friends are still at that stage right now. They just don't bother to get to the root of all of their values: selfishness, and the root of that: objective reality.

As I said, I do see your point. I just became a little offended at the post made by Rational One. No harm done. :dough:


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