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Ayn Rand cover art

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Welcome to the forum, Leonor!

Indeed, these covers are better than those on any publication I've seen. What's the chances he can sell them to the current publisher?


I don't know. I don't even know if he considered it. He was complaining his covers weren't getting much attention (I guess on dA they aren't) and I suggested he posts on Objectivist forum. Then decided to post here myself since I remembered I have an account.


Who is the current publisher?

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I'm the creator of those covers; I have just joined the forum at Leonor's suggestion.


If anyone is interested, prints of those covers are available not only on DeviantArt but also through my etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DecoEchoes. You can even buy the original vector files, if you prefer to get them printed yourself. Since only objectivists will likely buy them, I am not overly concerned about anyone violating copyright ;).


I would actually have to agree with Reidy about the We the Living cover; it is a bit too blatant. However, this is because all my Ayn Rand designs were originally done as hand-painted canvas posters, not book covers. I had a few more abstract concepts, but the client who commissioned the posters insisted on my depicting the final scene from the book.

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He was my roommate actually,  the same person who first introduced me to Objectivism. Unfortunately, the originals are displayed privately in his Toronto home. The "Rockefeller Centre Atlas" image was a separate commission, and is also displayed privately at the client's home in Mississippi.

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