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Newsies... Root for them?

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I recently watched the Broadway production of "Newsies".


In regards to the plot, I had mixed emotions. The workers determine that their wages aren't high enough for them to support themselves, so they create a union to go on strike. (So far nothing seems unreasonable about, I'm still on board).


But some of their actions include intimidating others to join the union, and vandalizing newspaper stands. (Clearly not ok).


So how am I supposed to feel about this story?

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To be exact, you're supposed to feel exactly as you do when you finish watching it... Since you can't change that reaction in the moment. :)

But, it's also impossible to say what you should think of it. You will personally weigh the plot points, themes, characters, style, etc. to arrive at your own total evaluation, which won't necessarily be what someone else thinks. One person may dismiss what they consider corny music, another may love the crystal clear and expertly controlled voices.

If you're talking specifically and only about using intimidation tactics to get someone to join a union, even that needs qualified. Is the "intimidation" nothing more than being more argumentative than the person you're trying to sway is comfortable with? Or is a group of people standing in front of a room's exit until the person "agrees"?

In the context of a musical, there's usually a lot more to enjoy than even something as important as the story. So, even the absurdity and nonsense of Rocky Horror can be a lot of fun, for example.

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