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Romantic Lyricists: Post Your Work

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Are you just one more satellite

Intruding on my line of sight

I wanna read that fancy font

May-be you wanted me to want

I'll get to know you

You'd better let me

Let's improve the neutron dance

My stance is planted for the chance

I'll break it down

[Funky drumset breakdown]

You're starry eyed but not naive

Those other chicks are black hole sunned

Why haven't you become

like them with all the evils that you've seen

You've got a power

Some sort of power

One more chance to do this thing

With all thee obstacles it brings

I'll break it down

[quick breakdown]

I'll earn my place upon your wall

'Cause I don't commentate the falls

I show the risings

This is a rising

Another chance to do this thing

And all the trouble that it brings

I'll break it down

[Drum solo]

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