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Duplicate reply and edit anomoly.

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That's bizarre -- was his post in a quote box?

I have actually deleted my own double posts lately, after double-pushing the post button when the browser lagged while it processed to publish. I just figured it's been another Cloudflare error experienced the same by others.

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No, the post I had just posted appeared in the column as having been posted with the "Reply to this topic" section in the focus of the screen, with the message I had just posted there, ready to be posted again.


Here we go again. It did not occur on this computer (I.E. 9), but I noticed it the last couple of times I posted yesterday from home.

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I can keep you posted. Unlike the previous issue, which was observed over time, I posted this one on the first repeated observation of it. Since then, there has been an Microsoft recommended update and a reboot. Sometimes this computer is running for days on end without the reboot.

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