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Disability: None Dare Call It Welfare

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I have a new post up on the disturbing trend in exploding federal disability benefits, which I've been following for some time:




Spend a morning at any District Court criminal calendar and you’ll hear the following refrain so often you’ll think you’re on the set of a horrible sequel to the movie Groundhog Day:


Judge: “Are you employed?”

Defendant: “I’m on disability, your honor.”


The “disability” the defendants are “on” is a government program called Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). If some of them look like they could bench press you above their heads, it’s because they probably could.


SPOILER ALERT: They aren’t actually disabled, at least not in any physical or factual sense of the term. But they are receiving free medical care and a monthly annuity from the federal government, and they will continue to do so on the sole condition that they don’t find gainful employment...



The most intractable problem right now is that so few are aware of the exponential growth of the SSDI program, or understand the tacitly endorsed fraud taking place. Calling disability what it actually is - welfare - is a first step in the right direction to building the political capital necessary for much-need reforms.

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