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Beware the Wolf of Wall Street

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Robert Baratheon

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Objectivism has a long and intwined history with the self-help field, and I know many here are proponents of self-help to varying degrees. I've now seen a couple of prominent Objectivists mention convicted fraudster Jordan Belfort, the subject of the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street, positively on the forums in connection with his rebranding as a high-priced self-help guru and motivational speaker on "persuasion techniques." Many of his materials have to do with achieving business success and becoming a self-made individual, but I believe endorsing the man is a mistake. I see this as just another extension of his troubled history making false promises and bilking the gullible for money peddling snake oil - albeit legally this time.

I discuss the topic in more depth at:


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I'm using a phone to post at the moment - I will update with some links and examples later tonight if I have time. I do address some of his statements in my blog post.

Basically he promises that anyone who follows his steps for success will become wildly successful beyond their dreams, and if they don't, then they obviously didn't follow them correctly - that sort of tautological nonsense.

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If you watch the video of Belfort to which I link in the post, he gives his 4 key elements for success you supposedly NEED to be successful:

1. Create a vision for the future - many celebrities, inventors, and business owners stumbled across fame or fortune without holding a grand vision, so this doesn't actually appear to be necessary.

2. Manage your emotional state - lots of successful people who can't or don't do this at all. Steve Jobs, Alec Baldwin, etc.

3. Manage your limiting beliefs - OK, but it's important to stay grounded in reality as well.

4. Adopt the right strategy - Well duh, and isn't that really the elusive key to the kingdom in all this?

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