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The Beautiful Irrationality of Capitalism

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Robert Baratheon

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The Silicon Valley start-up scene illustrates how progressives (and even some capitalists) misunderstand the true purpose and value of market systems. Capitalism is beautiful because it converts micro-irrational behaviors into macro-rational outcomes for the benefit of all.

Deserve's Got Nothing to Do with It:


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Your use of the word "justice" may mislead others into thinking that the "results" determine justice.  "Economic justice" implies an economic outcome, and "social justice" implies a social outcome.  It reminds me of egalitarianism: in which justice is measured by the results or the ends and any means to achieve that so called justice is permissible.


Although an economic system's role is not to dispense justice (the proper concept), a bad economic system does impose injustices by its initiation of force.  As such economies can be gauged as just or unjust.  Capitalism, is the ONLY economic system, which is Just precisely because it does not seek to force any outcome... economic or social or otherwise.

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