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Beware of the Ayn Rand International facebook group.

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It's been a while since I've been here. But I decided to come back with a warning, for any students of Objectivism or any fans of Ayn Rand venturing out into the world. Any experienced Objectivists may want to take heed as well.

There is a facebook group called Ayn Rand International. At least one of its administrators is a dangerous person who goes by many names on facebook. Right now, it's Juan Gallardo. But a friend of mine on facebook suspects he has also gone by the names Dean West, Phil Ophie, and Adam Smith.

Here's the story of my recent experience with this guy. I'm a member of a facebook group called For New Intellectuals, run by an acquaintance named Anoop Verma. He allows people of any ideology into his group, but he doesn't allow vulgar language or a denial of property rights. Some anarchist or other was opposing Israel's right to exist, and angering many of the Objectivists in the group, so Anoop deleted it and removed that member from the group.

That member either is, or has ties with, the above-mentioned Juan Gallardo, whoever he is. And in response, this Juan Gallardo person threatened to wage a libel campaign against Anoop in which he would make facebook pages to publicly accuse Anoop of child molestation. Anoop has a chat log of the threat. I'm attaching a screenshot of some of that conversation here that Anoop provided for me.


In addition to that threat, Juan used his administrator position on a 12,000 member Ayn Rand group to attack Anoop, pinning these kinds of gems to the top of that page. (It's unknown whether Blaize Jarecki is a separate individual or another alternate account of Juan.)



I started a campaign on facebook to raise awareness about this injustice being perpetrated against an innocent Objectivist. But this is apparently only the most recent transgression this Juan Gallardo/Dean West/Phil Ophie/Adam Smith person has perpetrated against innocent people.

A quick google search for "Ayn Rand International" turns up this blog entry by a woman who was apparently victimized by this person in the past.


If this woman's claims are true, then either the same guy, or someone else in that group, has been victimizing people in the past using that group. This blog entry claims that there have been beatings and rapes of innocent women who have been lured in by this guy.

The Ayn Rand International group is being run by what seems to be an arch-anarchist. Not just an innocent anarchist who may or may not be confusing force and production. But a real, malevolent subjectivist whose own whims trump the rights of others. It's no wonder he's an anarchist rather than an objectivist; a society with objective law and due process would prevent him from doing anything he wants to anyone he wants to do it to.

Any Objectivists out there, steer clear of the Ayn Rand International facebook group and anyone by the above names. If you know people in that group, spread awareness of this incident to them and steer them clear of it. It's being run by a dangerous anarchist who will inflict actual harm on your life or on your reputation if you let him.

I've made a post on my own facebook account to spread awareness of this. Here is a permalink to that post.

Good luck and good premises everyone.

EDIT: An additional piece of supporting evidence.

Anoop made this PDF when the first harrassing post on Ayn Rand International was posted. His PDF shows, among other things, that that post by Blaize Jarecki was pinned to the top of that group, just like the post by Juan himself. This establishes the likelihood of some kind of link between the two people. It may support the conclusion that Blaize is another alternate account of this guy.

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Update: Some more damning evidence has come out about this guy from other Objectivists who are aware of him or have had dealings with him in the past.

A link to some of Dean West's police reports.

An audio recording of him verbally abusing a victim. The same victim who posted that blog I linked to.

Both her youtube channel and her blog are dedicated to trying to get Dean locked up and trying to warn others before he victimizes them too.
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