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Wondering if any of you are on deviantART?  I've recently joined and have been enjoying myself there.  I think it's considered the largest online art community.  I have even tried my own hand at creating expressions of my own there.  It's free to upload, one can favorite other's art, search for specific types of art (traditional, digital, etc), make collections, interact with the artists and comment on their art, buy their art, sell your own, even has a resource area where you can use images and photos uploaded by others in your own expressions, depending upon the terms and conditions each model or person sets on their photos and images. You can upload your own, as well. Even before this, every once in a while when searching online, I'd come upon an image from that site, I don't know why I never explored the site before. I missed out. But I'm not now. 
This is my profile there:  http://arthurtrenton.deviantart.com/
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