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Art-Deco (Objectivist) paint scheme for a trailer home

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I need re-paint my trailer-home, which is similar to the trailer in the link below, and was thinking about applying an art-deco/objectivist paint scheme.  Unfortunately, I’m having trouble envisioning a good paint scheme.  Would any of you have any suggestions?




(This is NOT my home, but is nearly IDENTICAL, except for the fact that mine was painted white on three sides and I replaced the windows with newer, better windows.)




After seeing that, having re-structured his mortgage for the umpteenth time, my dad would not pay off his mortgage until he was in his 80’s, I decided to look at other options when I re-entered civilian life.


After some research, I concluded that a much better option was to pick up a used trailer home which was selling for 10k (the offer of tax-free cash-in-a-bag brought the price down to $7,500.00) coupled with a $250 (now $289) per month facilities maintenance fee.


Unfortunately, the community where I live was recently sold and most of my neighbors, in addition to myself, are moving to another community several miles away.  I was actually scheduled to be moved last weekend, but it now looks as though I will not move until this weekend or possibly next weekend.


In the current community, my home was positioned so that the back-side (which doesn’t have doors or windows) abutted another home’s rear wall and, at some point both homes were painted white though no paint was applied to the external rear walls of either home.


Now I have a home that has three white walls and one two-tone blue wall, so I need to re-paint it reasonably soon.


I really like the art-deco/objectivist style, but am having trouble envisioning a paint scheme for a trailer similar to the one in the link that would embody this style.


Would any of you have any suggestions?

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Why don't you just find an Art Deco design or painting you like via Google, and then either choose the three predominant colors and apply them in similar proportion to your home, or choose the colors you like most?

I wouldn't suggest doing a mural/literal representation of any painting. Muralists are loons who are sketchy and sideways about work and pricing, and when the paint begins to fade at different rates you will want to just paint over it to make it go away.

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If you have the money, you'd be wise to hire a designer. Some phoning around, noting who expresses interest in the job or not, would be a way to start. Keep in mind that dark exterior colors will be heat-absorbers, good in the winter (if you have cold winters) and bad in the summer.

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If this is a do-it-yourself project - you could select your two main colors to redo the white and blue with, and then roll two more contrasting colors on the high narrow rib of the siding. After that, paint the trim and deco squares to either compliment or further contrast the result.


It shouldn't be difficult to paint between the ribs with an assortment of solid colors in a Mondrian style, and then rolling the ribs in kind.to finish it.

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i don't think you'll be able to get it to read as art deco through color choices alone. i would try to incorporate pattern.




you will have to simplify from most of the examples you'll find, since you don't want an exterior to be overwhelming.

(is there a way to upload images here?)
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I like art deco but I don't think there is such a thing as "Objectivist style" or an "Objectivist paint scheme".


While color is always important, to me, art deco is more about textures, patterns and designs. I would concentrate on assembling some details or accents of art deco style that you like, and then match the final paint scheme to the details. In addition, I would try to gather inspiration from other things art deco, like: buildings (the Chrysler Building), bridges (the Golden Gate), diners, posters, trains, campers (the airstream I think it is called), lamps, ceramic tiles, ceiling tiles, stained glass ... Do a google search on all of these terms and "art deco" and you will see thousands of images and websites.


Some art deco details I like: 

- Check out these beautiful ceramic tiles

- I absolutely love tin ceilings, check these ceiling tiles out

- Here are some images of house numbers

- There are art deco light fixtures

- There are art deco planters on ebay


To be more specific, when I think of art deco and a building of your scale, I think of a sleek, stainless steel diner. Now, obviously, you don't want your home to look like a diner, but you can take some cues from that design esthetic. I would do something with the ceiling tiles from above (they come in many different finishes, if you click on one and scroll down you'll find them like on this page). I thought of putting them on the bottom of your trailer, and that probably could be done if you found a pattern in the right scale, but I suspect it would be too busy. So then I thought of just plain stainless steel sheets; maybe 1' x 2' laid out like bricks in a running bond pattern; maybe even with pvc moulding in between to simulate "grout". If that is too expensive then perhaps you can find a salvage yard in your closest city with salvaged stainless siding from an old diner. I do think the ceiling tiles would go really well on the upper part "roofline" of your trailer. 


I might put a 3 or 4 inch black framing around your windows and doors (you should either match doors or get rid of the second door). Then, perhaps, I would pick a nice ceramic tile from above (or again salvage) and apply them to the corners of the framing. Or maybe you just save it to go around the door. Some nice wrought iron step from the salvage yard would look nice. Then choose an art deco color like a muted green or blue for the main body. 


Your yard should be immaculate with shaped plantings and nice planters.


There is much more to say.


Have fun.

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