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Odd results for search

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I'm not sure the reason for this. For a while, it would only throw that page up for the odd search here and there, unlike now where it appears to be every search. ...aaand now after a few minutes of testing different pages and themes, it's not happening at all.

It's hard to guess with such inconsistent behavior, but I'll try some googling this weekend.

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I couldn't find an answer to this. At Invision's (our forum's software maker) own forum, a similar problem was troubleshooted with the help of a bunch of users, which was pinpointed to a particular 3rd-party add-on, which was subsequently updated -- problem solved. We use many add-ons (though not the add-on they pinpointed) on this forum, and I simply don't have the ability or time to disable them, and then add them one-by-one to find the problem's source -- assuming this would even find the problem.


By Invision's own admission, their search isn't that great anyway. It simply doesn't give you great results. Sooo, I found a workaround. Actually, we've already had this workaround available: Google site-search, at the bottom of the forum. But, I found an add-on that performs the same search in the forum search box at the top. You can still access the forum's full search page with all its options, from the forum links menu on the left. You can also still select "Forums" (and others) as the type of search instead of "Google Site Search", from the search box at the top.


Not exactly a fix... but, a "different" fix.

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