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All submitted posts in this thread are hidden from public view by default -- only Jenni will read them. Additionally, you may post two ways: using your own forum username, or logged out of the forum as a "Guest." (Guest posting will remain an option until announced otherwise, if necessary.) You will know your post was successfully submitted when the forum tells you, "Post Submitted."

Jenni chooses which questions to answer and publish at her discretion. If you do not want your username published with your question, please add the request at the end of your post. But don't forget to sign a name for her to respond to!

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Here's one that was submitted to me: "How can I best deal with friends or even romantic partners with low self-esteem who are still a positive value? The type of low self-esteem I'm talking about is where the person has periods of reclusiveness and are difficult for me to talk to, and express reasons that look like low self-esteem."

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I currently have no friends at all and would love to have people in my life (my real, physical, real-world life) that I can share  and discuss my values (objectivism and capitalism) with. What can I do to find such friends in real life? I live on the east side of Indianapolis.

Closely related: I have been studying economics on my own and have been thinking I should major in it since I enjoy learning about it so much and it might put me in touch with other pro-capitalist people. On the other hand, given the schools that dominate the econ departments today, I'm thinking it might be a mistake to do that. 

You can just refer to me as Chris if you answer. Thanks

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