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Voting eligibility and profile views

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I get an error message "You do not have permission to vote in this poll" every time I try to vote. I assume only certain user groups can vote, but what's the exact eligibility to vote? Like, do I need to make a certain number of posts?

Also, I'm surprised to find I have 2300+ profile views after only 1.5 months and 17 posts. Not many people showed up in the "latest visitors" though (I guess you can visit people's profile anonymously, but I'm not sure). Do profile views from guests or myself count?

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The poll permission is, I believe, based on user groups. You're still a "Newbie" based on your post count, but I can move you into the non-newbie group later tonight.

As for profile views, all clicks add to the profile view count -- you, members, guests, and web crawlers. So, unless Google has taken an interest in your profile, my guess would be that your status as a young, intelligent-sounding female interested in Objectivist ideas has boosted your profile views a bit. :)

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