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Atlas Shrugged viewing party

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When Atlas Shrugged Part I came out, I managed to get tickets to see it opening night, but knew that I'd have to leave for my security job as soon as the movie ended.


However, when I arrived, there was a large group of fellow Objectivists and Atlas Shrugged fans in the theater who already had plans to meet at a local bar after the movie and invited everyone else in the theater to join them.  However, I had to leave for work after the movie ended and regret not being able to join these interesting people.


When Part II was released, I again managed to get tickets for opening night but this time no-one in the theater seemed interested in socializing in any way and the one person who was trying to talk to people made it clear, before the movie even started, that she intended to write a negative review in her college newspaper.


Since the post-movie gathering that occurred after Part I seems to have been organized in advance, I was wondering if anyone knew of any such get-togethers planned for Part III and where I might find out about something like this.


As far as I can tell, the nearest theaters to me are in New York, but the drive to the one in Rockaway, NJ would be much faster.


Also, since there is something else I could do on Friday, September 12, I only plan on attending this opening if there's something after.  Otherwise, I'll attend the other function on Friday and see the movie on Saturday.

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