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Objectivist Books in 3rd World Countries

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I have a serious problem, a problem which also more than 75% of the world's population shares: I do not have access to a VISA credit card (or another internationally recognized credit card) or the online bookstores such as Amazon.com will not deliver to my country due to fear of credit card fraud or identify theft.

This means that many people with great potential for rationality and individualism have access only to the bible or some other such worthless crap.

While I do earn a decent wage, and I CAN afford many books I want, I can't get them. Here's what I propose:

1) If someone is willing, I'll send him, through Western Union, the cost of the book plus a profit for him plus the Western Union tax plus delivery.

2) Upon receiving the money, he purchases the book(s) from Amazon.com and has them delivered directly to my address. (I've done this with my former employer, who was from the US)

If direct delivery is not possible, I'll also pay for the shipment from his/her city to mine.

3) He gets the warm and fuzzy feeling of doing a good deed, get some little profit from it, and he is never in a position of loosing money since I'm the one risking by sending the money in advance.

So, what do you say? Can anyone help me get OPAR and some other stuff?

Regarding the amount I'll send for your effort, we'll have to talk in private. (Maybe the cost of the book, so we can both get it?)

Email me at gabrielm (at) surf.ro if you are interested. Thanks a lot!

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