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Would an old (somewhat racy) video likely prevent me from pursuing pol

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  1. 1. Would you vote for an Objectivist/Conservative (Republican) candidate if you were aware of a video in which he was pink-pudding wrestling with his now-wife?

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In addition to being a devotee of Objectivism, I'm also a member of an organization dedicated to restoring the freedoms protected by the US Constitution and bringing the power exercised by the Federal Government back in line with the limits set by the US Constitution, namely the T.E.A. Party.


At a recent meeting, we invited a political strategist to discuses what is necessary to seek municipal level political office, such as a seat on a town-counsel, and to illustrate how people in these positions can assist those in higher office to pursue a pro-Constitution/limited-government agenda while simultaneously preparing themselves to eventually seek higher office.


After the meeting, the strategist, as well as several members of our T.E.A. Party approached me saying that as a disabled IAVA disabled Marine and small business owner, I might be able to go beyond local office and position myself to seriously aid the cause of Liberty.


However, there's one element in my past that I worry could be used against me and wanted to ask your opinions regarding the effect this one thing might have on voters.


In short, there's a video from 2008 that shows me wrestling in pink-pudding with the woman who's now my wife.


Specifically, my injury left me with some facial scars which are much less visible today but, back in 2008, made me very self-conscious and made dating difficult.


Realizing this, one of my high school friends who was then an officer in a local sorority invited me to attend their annual pink-pudding wrestling event which generated money for breast cancer research, in hopes that I could meet someone there.  Since the sorority had been ticked the year before for attempting to pour the left-over pudding down a storm drain, she also asked that I use my truck to help set up for the event and then to remove the pudding, in garbage pails, to a dumpster, when the event concluded.


However, after helping to set-up the event, I was contacted by my boss at-the-time and told that, despite receiving the time off, had to come in or be fired, so, instead of enjoying the party, I went in to work (Would anyone want to venture a guess as to why I'm now self-employed???).


When I returned to the party, following the end of my shift, the festivities (the pudding wrestling) had concluded.


Realizing this, my friend asked two of the wrestlers to put on another show for my enjoyment.  However, when we got to the pool, one of the girls decided that she didn't want to hose-off under the cold garden hose for a second time.


While telling both girls that it was 'ok' if they didn't want to do it, my now-wife tackled me into the pudding and we began 'wrestling'...


Furthermore, one of the other girls had been filming the event and filmed this as well.


This video has since been posted on several 'college-life' websites where a potential opponent might manage to locate it.


While my wife supports my idea to run and has told me that she is "in no way ashamed" of what we did in 2008, I wonder how voters would react if this video were located by an opponent and released.


Of course, if an opponent were to try to use this against me, I would remind the voters that A.) we were doing this to benefit breast-cancer research and B.) she is my wife.


Furthermore, while I did not realize this at the time, the girl I was wrestling with (aka. my wife) had been forced to delay attending college due to her family's financial situation and, while a freshman, was twenty-one at the time, and only a year younger then myself...


Given these facts, do you think the existence of such a video dooms me or, given the current standards, would it be possible to recover from something like this???

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These days, this is the type of thing you need to brag about rather than keep hidden. I think if you tell the story the way you did above, with pride, it's all positive (unless there's something important you left out).


Even if it was not for breast cancer and you weren't married to her, what exactly do you think a voter would find objectionable?

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 I suppose I'd cast my vote for you if your only known qualifications are those you've listed. That is, I would balance your support for capitalism against your opponent's. If your opponent charged you with guilt by association to Ayn Rand, I would vote in your favor without equivocation.


I don't know exactly what the Tea Party expects to accomplish; I don't expect they'll be much more than a footnote to future history students. I will concede that they've been more effective at stopping the Progressive expansion of governmental powers than the Libertarian Party, although I'd be unable to state any specific examples. As for your "scandalous past," in the age of Bill and Hillary, Herman Cain, Anthony Wiener, and Marion Barry, you're a piker. It would take a truly evil act of misbehavior to vex your political karma. Consensual pudding-wrestling is hardly offensive by contemporary norms. It is often forgotten how Illinois State Senator Obama received an unexpected boost to the national scene. His Republican opponent, Jack Ryan, (considered a shoe-in) was exposed to have attended a series of sex clubs with his wife, Jeri. And somehow the Chicago Tribune got wind of sordid stories intended only for the divorce lawyers. So, do behave.


The virtue of upholding Objectivist values in the limelight of public office may prove to be a problem. The only nationally known politicians who speak in praise of Ayn Rand face formidable opposition from her detractors. I have no advise to offer anyone who publicly states the truth of our current state of affairs in Objectivist terms; it will not make you popular. Only in fiction can Howard Roarke or John Galt pull off such a stunt, and they were not running for high office. If only it were not so, but it is what it is. I can only wish you the best of luck.

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These days, this is the type of thing you need to brag about rather than keep hidden. I think if you tell the story the way you did above, with pride, it's all positive (unless there's something important you left out).


Even if it was not for breast cancer and you weren't married to her, what exactly do you think a voter would find objectionable?

I completely agree.


You just need to own that story. Be proud and refuse to take any shit for it.


In my book you deserve a high-five and a "good job, sir!".

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Depends on how you did. If you got your ass kicked by a girl in pink pudding wrestling, Objectivism or no Objectivism, there's no way I'm voting for you. 


Nicky whenever you're competing with a girl, if you 'win' then, there's no chance you'll 'win' latter.  I'd always rather 'win' latter...

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I'm with sNerd -- the way you presented it has no negatives. I'm not expert in politics, but what's not to love about pudding wrestling, especially on behalf of one of the most politically correct causes of them all?

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You are thinking of trying to do something which you see as valuable to you and your life.  Otherwise you would not think of attempting to do it.


To the extent others stand in your way in any way related to this video, it is from irrationality, emotionalism, mysticism, namely, from vices.  If you have no shame in respect of the video (and you should not have any), no amount of "smearing" surrounding the video could possibly hurt you.


You stand nothing to lose because of the video or because of your activity in connection with it. 


However you choose, to run or not to run, you should completely ignore the video, it is wholly irrelevant.

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