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Is there a divine code embedded in our number system

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Some of my science-minded friends have been posting this video on Facebook. This video is a perfect example of what Ayn Rand described as the failure to distinguish the metaphysical from the man-made.

There’s nothing mystical or supernatural about any of this. Math is a man-made epistemological device invented by human beings to measure things. Mathematicians deliberately chose to divide circles into 360 parts (degrees) for the same reason they chose to divide hours into 60 parts (minutes) and divide minutes into 60 parts (seconds): so everything would be highly divisible. The Sumerians invented the base-60 number system which survives today in our system of time.

This is like being shocked to “discover” that there are 1,000 millimeters in a meter and presenting this “scientific discovery” as proof that there must be intelligent design inherent in the universe. The intelligent design is inherent in our man-made metric system of measurement.

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Heh that's a pattern based on how we structure our own understanding of how to measure the world. I sure hope there'd be a pattern in a circle...


Reminds me of Illuminati conspiracy theories. On second thought, this might be proof of Illuminati overlords, creating a system of math that has lasted for hundreds of years! Circle = 360 degrees; 3 + 6 = 9. 3 points on a triangle. 3+3+3 = 9. All nine digits = 36. I don't like zero this time, it'd ruin this pattern I'm seeing of 3s. 3 6s in a row = 666.The triangle in this video is equilateral. The Illuminati eye represents the inherent power within math, and the Illuminati pyramid. Obama = 3 vowels. Evenly spread vowels like points on a triangle. QED the Illuminati invented math and Obama is the overlord.

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This video also assumes that words like "singularity" have no definite meaning. Note that 180 degrees is equal to pi radians. In attempting to sum the digits of pi, the partial sums diverge to infinity. Does this imply a divine origin or message in numbers? Or, does this imply that most people have no definite idea of what anything means and so can be fooled into extrapolating meaningless nonsense from their abstractions?

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