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I'm curious if there are any liberal forums on the internet where serious discussion takes place. If anyone knows of some, I'd be curious to investigate them. I'm not interested in places with a lot of "flame wars". The best way I can put it is to say that I'm looking for the liberal equivalent (as far as that is possible) of this forum: a place where people take ideas seriously.

Are there more conservative than liberal blogs on the internet? or am I not searching in the right places? A search reveals a lot of liberal-oriented web-sites, but I am interested in discussion-sites.

In my judgement, posting a liberal-link in this forum is not going to change minds for the audience here. Still, if you prefer, send me links my PM.

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I don't think left liberalism is compatable with the idea of taking ideas seriously. You'll have better luck finding communists that take ideas seriously.  :thumbsup:

Didn't Ayn Rand write an essay on how she once would have defended the Left's method of arguing but now none of them took ideas and logic seriously?

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you'll never find a greater hive of scum and villiany


but on a more serious note, this might be a better place to start, since you will spend more time arguing on other issues than "Capitalism is the devil!" same routine of most leftists.

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The battle is a battle of ideas. Many crucial ideas of the left are accepted as beyond argument by a large segment of the public.... aspects of environmentalism, multiculturalism...

Surely there must be some place these are discussed seriously?

If you want a serious discussion of environmentalism go to physicsforums.com. People atleast have some sense there about science.

As for culture and philosophy, I doubt you'll find any.

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TorturedOne: Libertarian sites don't interest me. I'm looking for liberal sites where the audience would typically vote democrat.

TommyEdison: Thanks for the link. I'm not too knowledgeable about the science parts, but the other areas look "promising".

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The best way I can put it is to say that I'm looking for the liberal equivalent (as far as that is possible) of this forum: a place where people take ideas seriously.

Candidly, I doubt you're going to find anything remotely close to this site, whether the thrust of the forum is liberal, conservative or, for that matter, libertarian. So, I offer these with the caveat that they probably do not meet your definition. But, they're the best I can do.

Democratic Underground - Activists in the US Democratic Party, that I believe tilt further to the left than most US Democrats. I believe they're also very quick to ban those who disagree with them.

Revolutionary Left - I believe this is the old "Che-Lives" discussion site. "Cappies" (as they term Capitalists) are permitted only in the "Opposing Ideologies" section. This may actually be further to the left than what you were thinking, but it is quite an active site. They also seem to have more than their share of angst ridden teenagers who are more into their Che t-shirts than seriously discussing Das Kapital. However, there are (or were, as it has been a bit since I've lurked there) quite a few well-read Socialists, Leninists, Trotskyites.

One People's Project - OPP is not as active as the two preceding sites, but it is probably the place to go for any sort of racial issue. If they're a bit more extreme than the average liberal, they seem to take liberalism to its logical conclusion.

Surprisingly, there were two liberal discussion sites that used to be quite active that now seem to be long gone: AngryFinger.com and the discussion board associated with MichaelMoore.com. Perhaps they've just move somewhere that I'm not seeing. They both had memberships in the thousands, with hundreds of posts per day. Anyone know what happened to them?

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