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Server Issues, Forum Hosting Costs

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Hi everyone,


Clearly, the forum has not been running well lately. The very short story is that our prior host (bluehost.com) began charging more per month to host the forum. Site owner/backend guy David V. has been trying to mess with settings for a week on a new type of host, but it's not looking like it's going to work out.


So, we need a new host, and we could definitely use money to help cover the costs. It would make sense to go back to Bluehost, where the forum had been humming along nicely, and we could do that for a pretty low cost/month if we buy three years all at once -- for a total of $720. If you are so inclined, please use the "Donate" button on the left to send some money to David V., so the forum can get back to running like normal.


Thanks guys!

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After weeks of "backend" server moving and tweaking (thanks, softwareNerd!), we're back to mostly stable forum performance. Our new host is Digital Ocean, and our setup is about $145/year. Then, the software behind the forum is licensed from Invision for $70/year (we use the forum and chat services). So, altogether:


Yearly Forum Costs

   $145/year     site hosting

   $70/year       licensed forum software (updated regularly)

= $215/year


Not too bad, really, but not free, either. So, I'm going to see if we can throw a few dollars out there and try to pay for a year of the forum's cost. Since it's not a huge amount, you can know that $5 sent through PayPal pays for almost a third of the forum costs for a month! :D "Any dollars are good dollars."


If you'd like to donate, click on the "Donate" button in the navigation/links bar. It will take you to PayPal, where you can either use a PayPal account, or complete a one-time credit card transaction without a PayPal account.


I'll try to update this thread with each donation shortly after it's sent, so we can keep a tally of how close the donations are getting to $215. I'll keep it anonymous, but if you'd like to put a face to that donation, just go ahead and post in this thread.

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Hey, Txs for the update, just gave the site a few bucks and the pay site was easy, good choices for web access.  Txs for your work so the rest of us can express our ?opinions - yes, some opinions, but hopefully ideas in ethics and politics, that can be clearly supported in epistemology and metaphysics.  Hopefully all posters in all topics will have to refer to metaphysics and epistemology because posters will base their arguments in basic philosophy.  We'll see.

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I've added a little donation meter to both of the forum themes, found either to the left (Desktop theme) or at the top (IP.Board theme). I know not every donation is included in the meter currently (I'll keep updating), but the donations I know about so far total $115.


Thanks for the donations!

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Hi everyone,

I apologize for the delay in updating info on the forum donations. But, it wasn't for lack of good news. :)

After I posted the request for $215 to cover OO's costs for a year, donations came in promptly and continued for the next week or so. In total, we collected $495 toward the recent request! Additionally, $300 was donated earlier this year. In total, $895 was donated toward keeping the site up and running smoothly. (I'd also like to thank softwareNerd for his contributions implementing that smooth site performance.)

Thank you all!

We had a few "small dollar" donations, but it was good to see them, too. A dollar is a dollar, and $5 says, "The forum is important to me."

Here's to another year of rational discussion.

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