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RIP: Marva Collins (1937-2015)

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Entire article:

Pioneer known for 'Collins Method' of teaching...
By Shantell E. Jamison



Chicago education activist Marva Collins has died.


She was 78.


According to the school founder’s son, Collins died Wednesday night in South Carolina.


Collins started West Side Preparatory School in Chicago Garfield Park neighborhood in 1975. She also founded the “Collins Method,” a style of education that focused on phonics, math, reading, English and the Classics.


Unfortunately, West Side Prep closed its doors in 2008 due to a lack of funds.


Collins’ work at Westside Preparatory was turned into a movie in the 1980s. She was sought out for her expertise in the field of education by parents, fellow educators and even President Ronald Reagan — who courted her for secretary of education.


The school, which focused on high-risk children, garnered national attention for its soaring achievements.


Our condolences go out to Ms. Collins loved ones at this difficult time.



The school closed its door when she was 71. A Google search on "West Side Prep" indicates that the school's namesake still persists though many come across as tarnished from the portrayal of the 1981 movie based on her story shared in the "Africentric" School thread. Other honorable mentions on Objectivism Online include Education and Objectivism, Wanted: Tutor/Teacher - Florida (Ft Myers), and Racism or Correlations of Race with IQ/Physical Attributes.
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